Industry Areas of Focus

Jennifer has advised local and global clients in the financial services, health care, information technology and nonprofit sectors.

Sample Client Engagements

  • Launched a new service line and led the development and execution of a marketing campaign to support the launch.
  • Redesigned website to streamline the user experience and emphasize the client's market differentiation.
  • Developed and implemented customer-centric plans for fulfilling regulatory requirements domestically and internationally.
  • Created digital content and a wide array of corporate, marketing and customer service communications.
  • Led focus group series to inform the client's brand evolution.
  • Co-led strategic planning process after a client's merger.
  • Conducted a market assessment to inform a potential acquisition decision.

Nonprofit Consulting

Jennifer has volunteered her time and expertise to help nonprofit organizations expand their reach.  She has served on several local nonprofit boards and also provided ad hoc guidance and support.


Jennifer has been a member of the AMA for over 20 years.  She also served on the board of directors of her local chapter as Vice President of Programming.  In this role, Jennifer collaborated with academic and business leaders to enhance professional development offerings to help attract and retain new members.


Jennifer served as the Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair and Communications Lead for the Women's Business Council at a time when two local Chamber of Commerce networks merged.  She launched The WBC Voice to increase digital engagement and increased the Council's reach.



Jennifer has served on her local community's foundation board for five years.  She's currently leading the digital marketing committee and reviewing grant applications.


While serving on the board of directors and marketing committee, Jennifer led the 30th anniversary testimonial campaign.  She's currently serving on the program development committee responsible for a comprehensive mentoring program for women returning to the workforce.

GS 3

                                                                                                   Jennifer served on the inaugural advisory board responsible for launching a new program to retain Girl Scouts through 12th grade.