Assess Before You Invest

Conduct a market assessment to identify key areas of opportunity for marketing positioning and service line expansion.

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Target Before You Market

It's easy to spend resources on marketing efforts that don't yield a ROI. Invest in a targeted marketing plan before diving into tactics.

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Develop Credible Content

Engage (don't inundate) your target audience.  Content should be concise, clear, compelling and cohesive across channels.

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"I've been fortunate in my career to have worked for leading Fortune 500 and management consulting companies that invested in all facets of marketing.  I learned the importance of strategic, data-driven, multi-channel marketing in both business to business and direct to consumer growth models.  Return on investment has always been at the forefront, whether I was managing a $10M or shoe string budget."  Jennifer Regan, MBA, PCM, CDMP

"I've had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on a variety of digital marketing projects.  She possesses the attributes of a great strategist and balances creativity and process wonderfully."  CEO, Marketing Agency

"Jennifer Regan is a true leader and visionary.  We recently collaborated as part of a six-week focus group series.  Jennifer was thorough in the planning process, asking key questions and providing detail in advance so that when the day came to process ideas and thoughts, it was flawless and seamless.  Jennifer is a delight to work with as a coach and strategic planner. We highly recommend her and look forward to collaborating with her again and again."  CEO, Consulting Firm

"I worked with Jennifer to do a market analysis of a potential acquisition - she was sharp, knowledgeable, and efficient in her analysis and reporting. Jennifer's thoughts and recommendations were practical and well thought out - she is a good listener and a true strategic partner. Bravo!"  CEO, Technology Company

"My company engaged Jennifer to provide assistance with marketing and strategic communications for a new referral network initiative being led by my team.  Jennifer worked closely with us, listening to our initial thoughts and guiding us through dialogue to elicit more defined responses.  She was able to translate our raw ideas into polished, relevant content for newsletters and the  website.  She's responsive, flexible, and great at taking a fledgling concept and building it out into something solid and refined, while ensuring the integrity of the client's original vision. My team and I truly enjoyed working with Jennifer on this project and were appreciative of her valuable insight as well as the quality of the deliverables she completed."  Manager, Health Care Organization